For part of the time I worked in Zurich my office was located in the section of the city known as Enge.   As part of my morning commute, I would walk down a street named after the German composer Richard Wagner. Wagner during one of his exiles from Germany, had lived in Zurich from 1849 to 1858.  One of the private homes on the street,  had a beautiful purple Wisteria.  When in full bloom by late spring, the fragrance was so intoxicating and sweet, it reminded me of the grape jam-I ate as a kid.  I would stop and take a few deep breaths, getting my morning fix

Fragrant Wisteria,

Conjures up sweet grape jam,

Memories of home.

Across the street from the office building was a small but beautiful green area called Belvoir Park. The park had been at one time an estate. There original country house is the location of a chef’s school and a restaurant. The park had several paths which went through a number of different gardens, landscaped settings, and a natural area-left untouched. On the nicer days in Spring, after lunch, I often took a walk which went past a beautiful Iris garden and through an arbor near the western side of the park. The arbor was covered with purple and white flowering Wisteria, creating a tunnel like effect.

Walking the park path,

I enter the shade filled arbor,

of Spring Wisteria.