Hawk Spirit

All of us have animal spirit guides that are sent to us by the Universe. It is just that most of us do not pay attention and miss connecting with these guides, who are there to support us in the physical world. These guides will come to us when we need them and leave when their work is done. Animal guides can also change, in that the animal spirit guide(s) we needed yesterday,  is not the the one we will need in the future. Always showing-up when we least expect and yet on time when our need is greatest. Then again, some animal spirit guide(s) have always been with us and will be, until we slip the surly bonds of our planetary home.

For as long as I can recall, I have had two-the wolf and the Red tailed hawk. My long familiarity with them, has allowed me to develop the ability to know when they are around. One day,  last autumn, on a breezy afternoon, as leaves continued to drop,             I attempted to rake the front lawn. Suddenly feeling drawn to turn my head, I looked toward the woods across the street.  There flying through the trees and falling leaves, coming towards me, was a Red tailed hawk.

Like the swirling wind,

the Red tailed hawk’s powerful wings,

scatters the leaves.




On a business trip to Rotterdam in 2009, I had the privilege of staying at the Hotel New York which was the former headquarters of the Holland American Line. This was one of the departure points for many immigrants leaving for the United States. The hotel was designed like the inner-workings of a cruise ship making it quite unique. I was given a first floor suite right next to the harbor. Upon entering the room, I noted that it was part of the original building dating back to around the start of the 20th century.  The wall facing the harbor was all windows but the rest of the room was completely paneled in wood and there was a deep musty smell. The kind of smell that casts off into the air, not only the age of the building, but the stories of its former occupants and those who had passed that way, to begin a new life, in what had become known-as the Isle of Freedom.  That night, I was not to be the only occupant of that room, for some of those souls, were still there-for reasons unknown.

Nearby  the hotel on another part of the harbor was a dock, the length of which, sat moored, restored sailing vessels of the 19th century. These ships were beautifully redone and looked as if they had not aged a year since they first had sailed. Like the hotel, those ships also had stories to tell.

I later wrote the following:

Ghostly and musty,

Masted vessels of days past,

The Hotel New York.



I am among things an energy sensitive.  So whether or not you believe spirits are among the living, trust me they are. I have encountered and connected with spirits in many places, including my present home. Once while in Dublin, we went into a subway shop for a quick lunch on Grafton Street toward the end, near St. Stephen’s Green. The shop was located in an old Georgian home. The only open table was located in what had been an upstairs parlor room. As we ate, I suddenly felt a presence which I determined, was a woman who had previously owned the house. This presence or spirit was apparently angry- because her house had been turned into an eatery.

In the Subway shop,

a spirit interrupted,

lunch in the parlor.

Kindred Spirits

We share this planetary home with all types of other sentient life. When we meet in an unexpected manner,  there is an opportunity regardless of the distance to create an energetic bond. One day while walking a local trail, I suddenly came upon a deer. We both stopped, stood motionless, and stared at each other. After a few moments the stare softened, as the deer became more aware that I was not there to harm. The deer went about to eating the leaves of a tree, as I continued my walk.  As I looked back, the deer looked up, as if we were saying a silent goodbye.

Walking the trail,

A black-tailed deer and I meet,

as kindred spirits.


Crane Spirit

In Chinese culture the crane represents longevity. A soaring of spirit, happiness and health often accompanies this important bird. In Japanese culture the crane is considered holy. It is said that the fabled crane lived a thousand years. This is the basis for a belief held by the Japanese people, that to recover from a disease or illness one must create a 1000 Origami cranes within the span of a year. Coming into the presence of a crane is said to bring luck and prosperity. Native Americans call the relationship of spirit with cranes “Crane Medicine”. One day while on an early evening walk,  I had the the good fortune to find myself suddenly being-in the presence of a crane.

On my return walk,

a white crane blesses my presence.

A sign on the path.


Mauna Loa

The eruption of the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea this past week reminded me of a coffee haiku I wrote a few years back.  One morning while making coffee using some Kona beans,  I  noted that the De’Longhi, was steaming up a brownish meringue. So I penned the following haiku in acknowledgement of the origin of the coffee, which is on the slopes of the volcanic mountains of the islands.

The De’Longhi steamed,

brown meringue lava foam.

out of the Kona.

It is a belief of the indigenous Hawaiian people, that Pele the Fire Goddess governs Kilauea and the flow of its lava. Hopefully she is watching over all who have been affected by this latest eruption.