In 2010 on a trip to Ireland,  we visited an Abbey known as Kylemoor located in Connemara, County Galway. It had been built as an estate home for the family of a wealthy doctor from London (Mitchell Henry) between 1867 and 1871. It became an abbey when it was purchased by Benedictine nuns in 1920.  On the grounds was a church,  built to memorialize the love Dr Henry had for his wife (Margaret). The church was built to be like a small grand cathedral.

As we stood in the church, suddenly  sunlight was streaming through a window on the back wall. Whether carried by the light or residing there all along, there was no mistaking the presence of God.

God’s radiant love,

fills the grey Gothic church,

touching our divine hearts.


The Crypt

Dublin became a Viking stronghold when the Danish and Norwegian invaders decided to settle there around 841 a.d.  There is a part of modern Dublin dating back to this time known as Viking town. It is there that you will find the 1000 year old Christ Church Cathedral. During one of my visits, I went down into the crypt under the church. It was quite humbling to be under one of Dublin’s oldest buildings and as I walked around, the energy I sensed, was both sad and dark.

A sorrowful past,

echos silently in the crypt,

beneath Christ Church.