The Artisan

This past weekend I took a two day  black smith class to learn the basics of working with metal to create, whatever the vision might be. Initially we worked on points (similar to an arrowhead) and then moved on to S hooks. ending with making a forge tool.  The building of the forge fire with respect for the dangers of forging metal were also learned.

Working with fire and metal stirs up ancient memories stored in our DNA.  It takes you on a journey back through time, to a place where skill was needed to survive the uncertainty of daily life. When creating the necessities needed to provide for life itself, was paramount to survival. So the class became unto itself a sacred journey that allowed each of us who were there,  to connect with the spirit of the fire and the power of creation.

One of the instructors, a true master of the skill and trade gave a demonstration,  during which he made a three dimensional leaf with stem.  It was amazing to watch him create and form this nature inspired art with such ease.

Fire from the forge’s heart,

works with the blacksmith’s hammer,

forming steel into art.


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